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About Privacy Block Fencing

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Privacy Block Fencing is committed to making your experience with us a pleasurable one.  Our team of professionals will assist you in making an informed decision when preparing to fence your yard ensuring the fence you choose meets the needs of your family & lifestyle and adds value to your property.


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Using locally manufactured products & materials we aim to provide you with a premium product that ensures you’re getting the best value for money. We believe all property owners should be able to afford a high quality rendered fence and that is why we are constantly working on producing a quality product that everyone can afford.

Strong & Durable

Privacy Block Fencing uses insulated wall panels that are lightweight, energy efficient and once coated provides a durable, weather resistant, seam free rendered finish.√ Termite Resistant and Fire Retardent√ Won't crack or cause efflorescence

Acoustic Properties

Privacy Block Fencing has acoustic properties that provide a sound barrier 1.5 times greater than a traditional block wall, dramatically reducing unwanted noise. Acoustic laboratory testing has been done with 60mm panels achieving a rating of RW35 (Ref:GC/06/5809.tst) which meets the requirements for houses on main roads.

Stylish Ideas

Let us bring your design ideas to life! This lightweight rendered fencing system offers endless design possibilities not available with concrete block construction. At PBF we have endless options available for you to personalise the entrance to your property to achieve a unique, stylish or grand entrance.

Design Options

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