Choosing the right fence..

It’s important to make an informed decision when preparing to fence your property to ensure your choice fits the needs of your family and lifestyle.  


For most homeowners there’s typically a specific reason driving the decision to install a new fence. Some of these might include:


  • Privacy: Depending on how much privacy you need, a fence can provide either a complete or partial shield from the outside world.  


  • Security: Can be kept safely contained in an enclosed yard and to a certain extent “strangers” can be kept out.  


  • Noise Reduction: If you live on a busy road, near a highway; or have an irritating dog that barks constantly living next door, you may want to install a fence with acoustic properties to reduce the noise and create a more relaxing environment.


  • Appearance: The right fence properly installed, can dramatically improve the appearance of the your property as well as add substantial value.  Often when selling a property buyers drive by so “curb appeal” becomes very important.

What is your personal taste?


There are many choices in materials and styles, therefore we recommend you look online or around your neighbourhood and surrounding areas and take photos or notes of the style of fences that appeal to your personal taste. Considering the basic architectural style of your home and landscaping will also help you make the right choice.

What is your budget?


We recommend you consider:


  • Why you need or want the fence
  • How durable the fence is and what are ongoing maintenance costs


Remember the cheapest fence to install is not always the most economical in the long run.  This will help you to determine the total cost of a fence over its lifetime.


Privacy Block Fences are:   


✓ Stylish

✓ Strong and Durable

✓ Fire Retardant and Termite Resistant

✓ Affordable / cost effective

✓ Acoustic properties – Reducing noise from busy roads/highway 

✓ Quick & Easy to Install 


Benefits include:


✓ Privacy

✓ Security (children and pets)

✓ Increases the value of your property

✓ Reduces unwanted noise creating a relaxing environment to enjoy day in day out.

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