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What are our fences made of

Privacy Block Fencing is made from a high density expanded polystyrene insulation board fixed to a framing system finished with a polymer cement render reinforced with an alkali resistant fibreglass mesh.  This system provides a weather resistant seam free rendered finished in a wide range of textures and colours. It is termite resistant, fire retardant and won’t crack or cause efflorescence.


Our product meets Building Designers/Certifiers/Developers/Builders and Architects, design criteria with a 6 Star energy compliance now the construction industry benchmark.



Benefits of Privacy Block Fencing


Privacy Block Fencing is strong, using locally manufactured products & materials.  Unlike the risks associated with concrete walls, Privacy Block Fences won’t crack even in the most reactive soils or develop efflorescence, a crystalline deposit of salt that is often seen on the surfaces of concrete. In the event of major impact caused by severe weather or a vehicle, the risk of injury is reduced due to there being no blocks to be knocked loose or go flying through the air.

Privacy Block Fencing also contains a flame retardant additive.  In technical terms it will not ‘support fire’ and has a ‘spread of flame index’ of zero. In the event of a fire the toxic fumes are no greater than that of timber and other building materials.  Our products have been tested to BAL29 (AS1530.8.1-2007).

In addition this product contains a termite retardant (Bifenthrin) and uses 62% more than the minimum required.  

Acoustic Properties

PBF walls have acoustic properties that provide a sound barrier dramatically reducing noise pollution.  

Whether you have a noisy neighbour, a dog that’s constantly barking or live on a busy road, we can help. Our walls are constructed 200 mm thick and are seamless when finished, reducing cavities for noise to get through providing you with a private, peaceful relaxing environment to enjoy with your family and friends.

Note: Acoustic laboratory testing has been done with the standard 60mm panel system and it achieved RW35 (Ref:GC/06/5809.tst) which meets the requirements for houses on main roads but our fences are 200mm thick, more then double the thickness tested so you can expect far superior results. 

Stylish Designs

Let us bring your ideas to life.  This lightweight rendered fencing system office endless design possibilities not available with a concrete block construction.  First impressions count and so the facade of your property should compliment  the overall style of your home.  At PBF we have a multitude of options available for you to personalise the entrance to your home providing a unique, stylish or grand entrance. 


Options available include 3D design features, LED lighting, street lettering and grooves. In addition we can accommodate gates, stone features, screen inserts and water features. 

Fast Installation

Privacy block fencing’s reinforced composite panels make installation easier and faster along with reducing impacts to your garden – therefore minimising clean up. We offer a stylish cost-effective option that can be delivered in a fraction of the time and in most cases eliminates the need to apply for council approval. Typical installation timeframes are 24-48 hours with rendering done the following day.  


Privacy Block Fencing gives customers an opportunity to have a fence that looks just like a concrete block wall but at a fraction of the cost. Using locally manufactured products & materials we aim to provide you with a premium product that ensures you’re getting the best value for money.

Here are some ‘average costs’ for common fencing materials, including labour/installation:


A typical brick or block rendered fence will cost around $750 – $1000 per metre compared with a Privacy Block Fence which only costs between $480 – $700 per metre and looks identical.

Here are the average costs for some common fencing materials
(Independent source * Hipages)
Per metre including labour and installation:
Treated pine paling fence  $75 -$120
Hardwood paling fence     $80 – $125
Tubular metal fence          $180 – $350
Pine timber slat fence.      $280 – $350
Wrought iron fence           $450 – $600
PRIVACY BLOCK FENCE $480 – $700 (fully rendered)
Brick or block fence.         $550 – $800 (non rendered)
Frameless glass fence      $600 – $1000
Rendered brick                  $750 – $1000
Sandstone & Timber         $800 – $1200

PBF can take care of all your fencing needs.  

Optional extras include:

  • Intercom systems
  • Gates
  • Letterboxes
  • Design features

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